• Auto-reset Temp-sensing Protector/KSD thermal protector
  • Auto-reset Temp-sensing Protector/KSD thermal protector

Auto-reset Temp-sensing Protector/KSD thermal protector

Model No.︰

AH9 & AH9B

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2000 pc

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Product Description

Name:Auto-reset Temp-sensing Protector

AH9 series is auto-reset temp-sensing protector,the snap-action of bimetal will cut off the circuit when pre-calibrated temp are reached,protecting electrical from fault condition, the bimetal will auto-recover to connect circuit as the temp drops to reset temp-rating


AH9 series divided into large & medium & small sizes according to different currrent-carrying capacity. There are metal & plastic cases for your choice, metal case are more sensitive to heating response and higher temp-resistanced campared by plastic case.






Normally closed

Temp anomaly protection

Electrical Rating

AC125V/16A AC250V/8A



Operating Temp

          50℃--150℃ (5℃ Step)

transformer, series motor, NI-MH battery,air-conditioner,washing machine, juicer, vacuum cleaner, massage chair, seat heating pad, etc.

transformer, series motor, lighting, NI-MH battery,vacuum cleaner, massage chair,seat heating pad,electric blanket, etc. 

Operating Tolerance

+3℃ +5℃

Reset Temp

Operating temp decreased by 30℃+15K

Contact Resistance


Insulation Resistance


Loading time

≥10000 cycle



Product covered:

USR, CNR Component- Operating Control, Temperature Limiter, Model AH9, f/b blank, f/b 50-150.


General character:

The devices covered by this report are bimetal -actuated, single-pole, single-throw, non-adjustable, normally closed, automatic reset type temperature limiter for use in household appliance. The contacts of these devices open on temperature rise.


This device is an Operating Control (Type 2.B) and was not investigated for performing any safety/protective functions. Temperature deviation and drift was verified according to Appliance Thermostat requirments in CSA E60730-2-9, Annex AA.



  1. Electrical outputs:



Model Output Terminals Swithing Device and Schematic Ref. Electrical   Ratings(Voltage,Current,Type of Load, Number of cycles) Operating or Protective Complete Declar
AH9 1-2 Bimetal actuated contacts;SPST;N. 125 V ac, Resistive, 16A,10000cy Operating 2.B
    C. 250 V ac, Resistive, 8A,10000cy Operating 2.B

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